Suzie is back! She landed with her feet already churning, as it turns out (picture the Road Runner, and you have a good idea): she is in the midst of a Teacher Training this weekend. Don’t forget that this means there is a makeup class on Sunday, November 22.

Postures will host Bobby Clennell In December; the date isn’t certain yet but as soon as your Yoga Reporter knows you will know. Be sure to visit her web site. Bobby is a very talented woman…have a look at some of her art work and you’ll agree: this is a workshop you want to attend.

India Pictures! Suzie sends us some ‘quickie’ iPhone pictures. They are here. UPDATE: Look for more pictures from Suzie’s India trip soon. Your Yoga Reporter is a little bogged down…

Autumn Class Schedule…
…is posted. Many, many thanks to the teachers who have stepped in to teach classes while Suzie is in India. Postures couldn’t stay active without them: Marilee, Vindra, Sue, and Yvonne– you guys are great. Thanks.

December Assessment: DON’T FORGET!
Postures is hosting an assessment event December 11, 12, and 13, and  will need volunteer students for the assessment classes. Of course there is no charge, and your attendance is appreciated. Sign up sheets will be in the studio.

Just what IS an assessment? You probably know that the Iyengar yoga community operates a very rigorous assessment program for teachers. In order to advance, the candidates are required to demonstrate teaching proficiency for the poses on their syllabus. Please don’t confuse this professional and peer reviewed process with so-called ‘registered’ teachers in other traditions; it isn’t comparable in scope and depth. Written exams are part of the process, too.

As certified teachers move up the registration ladder, the number and type of poses they may teach increases. Students are needed for the teaching proficiency portion of the process.

The entire process is exhausting for the candidates. Let’s make them comfortable with a strong representation of Postures’ students.


A Ganesh set in the most peaceful gardens greets visitors  to Postures.


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